Monthly Archives - January 2020

Technology News

SoftGuard has the integration for viewing events transmitted through the cameras of the Dahua Technology Co brand Through their analytics and intelligence, these cameras are able to interpret a variation in the captured image and send the alarm event directly...

Success story: COSTCO de México.

Costco is the most successful  wholesale price club chain in Mexico since 1992, with 40 stores, 1 distribution center, 1 optics laboratory and 2 corporate office headquarters, subsidiary of Costco Wholesale in USES. Only during its first 4 years of...

What happened at Intersec Dubai 2020?

SoftGuard participated in the Intersec Dubai 2020 held from January 19 to 21 at the Dubai World Trade Center, the fair that shows a unique product offering in the areas of commercial security, information security, national security and surveillance....

Technology News

With Netio communicators that are connected to an alarm panel, SoftGuard can send remote commands to the panel, such as activate and deactivate that panel without interacting with the tec️key. Users can use this function from their smartphone with the...

Do you know the VigiControl application?

The rods are already obsolete! Implement our App VigiControl and perform the control of rounds of your monitors in real time in addition to performing a complete audit of the action of the guard. For more information about VigiControl, click...

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