Monthly Archives - July 2020

We’ve got a new provider in Spain!

GRUPO ON SEGURIDAD S.L first started in 2011. It is a security company who runs several activities such as installation, maintenance of equipment and security systems, in addition to the provision of services of Central Receptor of Alarms. Thank you...

New provider Security Dissel from Colombia

We proudly present a brand new and efficient provider of the SmartPanics service and other security solutions powered by SoftGuard. Security Dissel from Colombia, stands out when it comes to the installation and monitoring of fixed security systems and private...

New integrating with DAHUA

SoftGuard has been integrating many Dahua equipments for a long time now, aiming to provide users with the latest in new technologies. With this new integration and the visualization of cameras for attending an event, along with the cameras connected...

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