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SoftGuard Banking was meticulously designed to cater to the complex needs of banking and financial institutions. With a strong focus on centralization, automation, and compliance, our robust solution offers a comprehensive suite of features for enhanced security.

Our software is compatible with various communication channels for alarm monitoring, including telephone line, radio, GPRS, SMS, and IP-WiFi. It also allows the tracking of vehicular and personal GPS devices.

SoftGuard Banking focuses on creating secure work environments by auditing operator actions and offering high configurability for permits and restrictions. Our tools provide traceability of actions performed, and automated notifications via SMS, e-mail, or push notifications to help identify any deviations.

Our system is implemented at the institution’s data center. Therefore, all sensitive information is controlled solely by the entity itself.

With SoftGuard Banking, you have the flexibility to activate multiple servers and services, creating a redundant system that guarantees data backup and ensures uninterrupted service even in the most challenging circumstances.

It’s also possible to have a testing environment for QA purposes.

Mobile Apps


Enables bank managers and personnel to trigger immediate alerts to the monitoring center through their smartphones.


Online patrol control system for security guards. It provides comprehensive control and auditing of their actions, ensuring continuous compliance and event reception in the monitoring center, every day of the year.


SoftGuard provides versatile deployment choices, enabling implementation either on-premise or in the cloud. The monitoring system is accessible through standard web browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari, making it 100% web-based for operational endpoints.

The SoftGuard platform is customized to suit the bank’s preferred infrastructure setup. Deployment environments can be centralized, with the database engine, IIS, and event reception application on a single server, or decentralized, with dedicated servers for each platform component.


While the infrastructure and environment where the platform is implemented are managed by the bank, the SoftGuard platform itself incorporates several security features, such as automated backups and auditing capabilities, providing an added layer of security and accountability. 

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