New Integration with Deitres CityMesh

In SoftGuard we continue adding advanced technology and we bet on integrations with other companies in the security industry. We recently made a new integration with Deitres company, that creates innovative solutions in IOT and Mesh technology involving hardware,...

Introducing the ZKTeco- SoftGuard integration

ZKTeco is a world leader in access control, time, attendance and SoftGuard integrates with ZKTeco access control systems, guaranteeing the security of the areas and / or resources that you want to guard. Access controls are highly effective systems...

SoftGuard – Dahua, an alliance that grows

We add important technological integrations in terms of security Our CEO, Daniel Banda, received Juan Pablo Coletti, Director of Global Strategy for Partners at Dahua Technology and Franky Su, General Manager at SoftGuard's offices in Buenos Aires, where they had...

We stop the virus together.

This is a difficult time, let's take care of each other, our families and the team around us. In the face of the advance of Coronavirus, and in order to collaborate with the health care and isolation requested by the...

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