Success story

Success story, Salt City Council

Salt, the Spanish municipality of the Gironés region in Spain, joins the large community of safe city councils that are users of the comprehensive SoftGuard monitoring platform. The Salt City Council has incorporated SoftGuard for the management of alarms...

Success story: Bank Bci Chile

Bci is a Chilean banking entity, with 8 decades of experience.  Over the years he became an important actor in the economic development of Chile. Bci, is always making a difference for its business culture and evolves with its customers offering...

Success story: COSTCO de México.

Costco is the most successful  wholesale price club chain in Mexico since 1992, with 40 stores, 1 distribution center, 1 optics laboratory and 2 corporate office headquarters, subsidiary of Costco Wholesale in USES. Only during its first 4 years of...

Success story: Makro Security.

Makro Group was founded in Ecuador in 1999, within its development they create the business line Makro Security Active Alarms, a company that sells security technology systems. Makro Security's specialty focuses on the operation of electronic monitoring through high capacity...

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