Human Monitoring: The beginning of an era

The alarm monitoring business from a receiving center (CRA), in its conventional form, is full of providers. In almost all the world, competition is focused, mostly, on the decrease in the price of the service with the consequent staggered loss of profitability. An infinite amount of small and medium-sized recipients have broken or have been absorbed or sold their accounts in due to it. The apparent idea that an alarm panel commanded from an APP in the hands of the user, replaces a professional receiving service, operated by experts in the resolution of events, has multiplied the crisis in this sector. This tendency has been getting worse the last time and it is very clear that only those providers that diversify their portfolio services, towards less frequented segments, achieve a businesses with better profitability.

The concrete bet is to leave the sea where everybody is fishing.

A path that introduced as a promising alternative to the monitoring business is the expansion towards the inclusion of cell phones or smartphones to the service.

We, the software-house, generators of the CRA software platforms, are permanently focused on generating a range of new services for the end user and thus keep our clients growing, the receptors. In this framework, something revolutionary related to monitoring business has emerged, HUMAN MONITORING. Activity aiming to multiply the profitability and loyalty of the client.

The monitoring businessman has been evolving, creating benefits tending to improve the security of people and their assets. The first step in the 90s was the alarm panel monitoring to protect buildings, whether residential, commercial or industrial. With the IP and cellular era, coverage has been extended to their vehicles through GPS tracking and mobile monitoring.

Nonetheless, new tendencies aim to mobile security and monitoring of people, regardless of where they are. Security always available within the reach of their hand, based on the only electronic extension of the human body, the smartphone.

All the protection and monitoring techniques of people are growing at full speed, in a scenario called Human Monitoring.

At this moment there are as many cell phone lines in the world as human beings, about more than 7 thousand millions.

The reasons that led to place the smartphone on the map of the electronic security service is not different to the general rule that causes the cell phone to have sneaked in all other areas of our life, but in addition, you can list several other reasons that give this specific activity a much more  marked proactivity towards inclusion:

– The customer already has his device

This is not a minor thing. Signing a monitoring service contract involves providing the client with an alarm system, which has an entry cost marked by the equipment, the inputs and the installation itself. An income barrier is generated and usually must be solved with additional investments by the provider of the service to lend the equipment to the client as a loan, assuming a distorting financial cost.

– The smartphone is a piece of powerful hardware

We all know that a modern cell phone has a better processor, more memory and more multimedia capacity and better communications than any portable computer and even desktop ones.

– Constant growth of functions in the APPS

Everyday, the APPS improve their services and, dynamically, they add features that make their performance more interesting.

– High availability

The customers have always the cell phone with him, with their battery charged and give it maintenance, on their own, investing in it. And when it is outdated, they change it on their own, without costs for the provider.

As for us, we began our trip on this security APPS market some years ago and never could we foreseen similar levels of insertion. There are very strong reasons to prove that the smartphones are the devices on which all the electronic security systems will turn to in the near future.

The star among the security APPS is the one that brings together all the panic buttons for various emergencies, the security system “On my way” that provides security support in the street, tracking benefits, insurance group and geofences. The secure group allows the responsible (father and / or mother generally) to know the location of all other members of the family at all times, setting space-time rules about who should or should not stay in determined place and generate alarms if the rule is not followed, always with the monitoring  support of the lending company (inclusion or exclusion geofences)

This APPS mechanism is applied with equal success to urban monitoring in local governments (Districts / Town halls), for the fire monitoring from firefighters and to corporations for the integral centralization of events.

Nowadays, just over 40% of the monitoring software users are NO LONGER private security companies.

When it comes to providing the final customer an APP, one of the most important benefits as a service provider, is the loyalty that is gained from it. In family use, dad, mom, children, grandparents and other relatives, will have an application on their phones ready to take care of their lives and integrity, every day, easy to see, with the colors and commercial logo of their supplier company.

This presence in the client’s day to day, is itself, wonderfully productive.