Portfolio Description

The Web desktop platform is powerful and easy to use, providing transportability to the operating heart of your company. The applications are centralized in your company’s private cloud allowing accessibility from any web browser, including the connection from di­erent devices such as tablets pcs and smartphones.

MAIN FEATURES: Safety –  Customization – Portability – Single Login – Multiuser

The SoftGuard suite is composed of several scalable modules, 100% integrable for your company to offer innovative services and improve operability by making processes fully efficient.

The system has unlimited account capacity, but it adapts to the needs of your company with smaller versions of 100,250,500,1000,2000,3000,5000,8000 and up to 10,000 accounts, being able to acquire the one you need to start your operations and then when you need to expand your capacity simply acquire an account upgrade.

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Suite Modules:

REMOTE WEB MONITORINGDesigned for the attention and processing of alarm events 100% portable with all web power applied to decentralization.

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SMARTPANICS: For human monitoring, allow to the send alarm events from smartphones, monitoring and visualization of smartphones of the family / work group, visualization of live cameras, alarm accounts and mobile/ GPS in real time. 100% customized with logos and colors of your company.

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VIGICONTROL:  System for rounds control with online monitoring for Security guards and response personnel.

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TRACKGUARD: For GPS tracing of people, vehicles and / or pets. Allows the setting of geofences, sending remote commands, reporting historical routes, etc.

TECHNICAL SERVICE: To perform a comprehensive management of technical services and their status. It allows an orderly control of new facilities, preventive and corrective services.

CORPORATE CLIENT WEB ACCESS: So that your final customers can enter to see information of their own alarm accounts at any time and in any place.

DEALER WEB ACCESS: Comprehensive management for wholesale monitoring, allowing the territorial expansion of your business and ensuring your dealers the maintenance and management of their accounts.

DEALER MOBILE VIEW WEB ACCESS: To give access to the Dealers and technicians through a smartphone / tablet to the information of their subscribers and to carry out operative managements, such as changing the status of the accounts or giving notice of the arrival and departure of the client’s address.

VIDEO VERIFICATION: Designed to integrate video and audio to the alarm events received at the central station in a simple and intuitive way. Achieved significantly reduce the attention of false alarms.

LOGGER: To record the calls between the operators and the subscribers of the exchange, leaving a record of the date, time and operator that took the call.

CRM SALES AND PROMOTION: integral customer relationship management that allows you to build marketing campaigns, tracking sales, prospects, quotes, price lists, offers, mailing, schedule meetings and sales visits.

WEB MANAGER: For the online audit of your system using statistical graphics.

REPORT AUTHORITIES: Allows the events that arrive at the monitoring central to be redirected to the competent authorities or to a secondary monitoring center for proper attention according to the indicated protocol.

MONEYGUARD: For billing and collections of monitoring payments, automatically, by subscriber / dealer ranges, by groups or by type of service.

FENCES ADMINISTRATOR: For the administration of electric fences receiving the alarm and visualization events on the map of the status of each segment (state, lack of power, etc.).

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