Tracking tourist and citizens infected with Coronavirus

Coronavirus Alert

An application designed to report and monitor cases of Coronavirus or COVID for municipal and Government use.

The person can be tracked, report symptoms and notify the country authorities if he/she has been confirmed positive

Coronavirus Alert is an App that allows the citizen to send alarms for confirmation and portability of the virus.

Coronavirus Alert provides nationwide coverage to report symptoms and seek assistance from health authorities. Each reported emergency is accompanied by your satellite position so that help can find you quickly.

Reported emergencies can be accompanied by photographs, audio and videos captured by the citizen in order to facilitate the understanding of the alert for more efficient care.

The government agency may make create notifications with health regulations and policies that have relevance for the prevention of the disease to society.

The app allows you to geolocate and assist the infected person.

Centralized geofences inform the population of the areas with the highest rate of affected people that are not recommended to be transited.

The app allows the citizen to know the hospitals and health centers closest to their location.

Coronavirus Alert, How does it work?

Confirmed COV19 button 

Press CONFIRM COV19 to notify government authorities of the confirmed positive

Button I have symptoms

If you have suffered one or more symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, body colors, general discomfort.

I’m Here button 

Use this button to report your immediate
location to
national health authorities
and agents

Get to know the Coronavirus Alert functionalities

We have created a new Coronavirus Alert video so that you can share it with your users, which will allow them to get the most of all the functionalities ot the service and use of the APP

12 buttons to inform and give advice to the population:

Coronavirus Alert puts at your fingertips 12 configurable buttons to give recommendations in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus:

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