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  • March 30, 2018

Permanent online monitoring of guards and rounds.

With VigiControl perform the rounds and guards control in real time

  • Ensure your compliance towards the client
  • Avoid lawsuits, their commercial consequences and discredit.
  • Online notifications when service or round is not accomplished
  • Presence control.
  • Position report on the map.
  • Send alerts, images, text, audio and SMS notification.

VigiControl is a system for rounds control with online monitoring for guards and security staff.

This powerful tool audits the guard’s actions: position report validated via GPS, MAN ALIVE alert, incidents report displayed during the round, sending captured images from the smartphone. All this and much more received online at the monitoring center 24/7, 365 days a year. VigiControl is a multi-link application that ensures the alerts sending via TCP-IP, either by WI-FI or by data network connection (GPRS-LTE), as well as SMS sending when the data network is not available.

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The system consists of 2 applications:

1- The mobile app that has five main buttons: SOS-ROUND-MAN ALIVE-NEWS and ASSIGNMENT. It is possible to customize the app bakcground design with your brand logo, giving a uniform and corporate image.

SOS: Send panic alerts that include position, data and the possibility to attach images.

Man Alive: It is a presence control. It consists of a button that will be randomly activated to be pushed to cancel the alarm sending. If it is not deactivated on time, an alert is generated and received at the monitoring center.

Round: Allows the guard to send an ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE notification each time he arrives or leaves his position, as well as when he passes through each check point defined for the round. The event includes date, time and position on the map.

News: Allows sending news to the monitoring center, attaching information using an image, a QR code, text or voice notes and the chance to make calls directly from the system via VoIP.

Assignments: It allows assigning a guard to an event from a specific fixed or mobile account. Once he is in the place, he can mark his arrival; send pictures, videos or audios clips to the monitoring center.


2- The SG VigiControl Desktop Web module for the administration of smartphones and signal processing management controlled from the monitoring station.

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