RAPIDSOS-SOFTGUARD redefining the emergency systems securtity

In the digital age, most emergency calls continue to involve only a voice connection and a location approximation of the person making the phone call. This is a problem due to the person may not be able to talk or does not know his or her location, therefore the assistance and rapid response become difficult for the operator at the monitoring center. Over the past years, the advance of technology has made great contributions to the public security. For this reason, the RAPIDSOS company which provides the first critical data platform for emergency response by linking more than 350 million devices directly connected to the authorities, is quickly expanding in Mexico contributing this way to improve the security of citizens.In its turn, SOFTGUARD which is the leading company of advanced monitoring centers in Mexico and another 41 countries, has a broad presence in the public sector by providing the local governments the platforms “Citizen 360” and “Safe Districts” with Apps that redefine the individual and collective safety. RAPIDSOS- SOFTGUARD in an advanced integration process will allow to digitalize the emergencies prevention and detection, the verification in the private sphere and immediate dispatch to the public forces.This integration will increase efficiency and depressurization of the 911 voice channel to those users that do not use technology for reporting their emergencies. On the other hand, it will also benefit those who join the new digital emergency system by providing additional information of the situation to the public forces and full traceability of the emergency management.As a result, the RAPIDSOS- SOFTGUARD integration will redefine the mixed private and public security in a in a unique and fully digital emergency response. As our digital age demands, this partnership will provide society with a simple and efficient method to channel the emergency situations and receive timely assistance protecting assets and saving thousands of lives