SoftGuard – Dahua, an alliance that grows

We add important technological integrations in terms of security

Our CEO, Daniel Banda, received Juan Pablo Coletti, Director of Global Strategy for Partners at Dahua Technology and Franky Su, General Manager at SoftGuard’s offices in Buenos Aires, where they had an extensive conversation about the most recent innovations achieved in the product. and of the integrations between both companies.

Several years ago we integrated Dahua equipment in order to offer all its and our users, the greatest power in technology for the security industry.

The DAHUA-SOFTGUARD integration seeks to expand services for security companies, allowing to increase the range of services provided to their clients.

For more than 5 years, users of this system can receive alarm events with video verification; By adding integrations, it seeks to extend the services for security companies, allowing the range of services provided to their clients to grow.

The topics discussed at the meeting were related to the presentation of various Dahua devices approved in the SoftGuard suite, detailing different levels of integration according to the technological tools used. The integrated functions implemented are: Integration RTSP, SDK, P2P service and visualization of Dahua cameras in SmartPanics.

The set of integrations that were carried out are the following


Integration through Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Along with the live camera display, during the event, the possibility of listening to the ambient audio of the event is added.

By default, the recorded clip made by the SoftGuard system is shown on the screen as soon as the event reaches the monitoring center. Also the operator has the possibility to view the video live.

Integration via SDK

The SDK adds new tools and functions that can be used during the attention of the event.

List of all cameras connected to the DVR / NVR.

Snapshot of cameras that are saved server-side. These captures can also be configured from the system to be automatic. They are recorded and linked to the alarm event in question.

During the event, you can easily consult recordings from the different channels to identify the reason that generated the alarm.

The possibility of moving the camera (if it had this functionality) and two-way audio are added.

P2P cloud service integration

Integration with Dahua’s P2P (Peer to Peer) service significantly simplifies the installation, configuration and commissioning of the equipment at the client.

In the monitoring center, operators in addition to viewing the live video feed, will be able to:

Access the full list of channels available on the DVR / NVR

Movement control of the same (as long as they have this functionality integrated)

Access to recordings

Two-way audio.

Visualization of Dahua cameras in the SoftGuard SmartPanics App

All Dahua cameras can be viewed in the SmartPanics security app. The user has the ability to view the live feed, manage views with multiple cameras, and capture snapshots that are recorded locally on each phone.

The SoftGuard technical team continues to work hard every day to develop new functionalities that allow us to enhance the strengths offered by our security solutions