Success story: COSTCO de México.

Costco is the most successful  wholesale price club chain in Mexico since 1992, with 40 stores, 1 distribution center, 1 optics laboratory and 2 corporate office headquarters, subsidiary of Costco Wholesale in USES.

Only during its first 4 years of operation the alarm monitoring of its stores was carried out by ADT Mexico as is the case with the units in the United States and the United Kingdom. Due to the complex requirements and extensive needs of the company in Mexico, they decided to start their own monitoring center which they have been in operation for almost 20 years.
Although there are few business units, each one has up to 3 alarm panels with a sum of more than 180 sensors of all types and partitioned systems with different schedules and behavior. A transactional volume of more than 4000 signals per average day makes your case even more complex.

SoftGuard was implemented in 2010, being the first retail to use the platform in Mexico as an end user that self-manages its monitoring. At that time, GSA implemented the total transformation project of its plant, going from connection by telephone lines to a 100% IP based system.

Last year, the 2nd evolution in Costco came with the implementation of SmartPanics, 400 apps were distributed among the store manager templates and key personnel of the security area, report any incident to the plant that may be relevant and unattainable by the own alarm system. It is also the means of alternate reporting when a branch is held incommunicado with the monitoring center.

In this week we finished implementing the second Costco monitoring center, in the other corporate office, with a new server, alarm receiver, UPS, all mounted in mirror with the primary central, soon we will begin simulation tests to see the times of derivation of signals from one site to the other.
It is an exemplary company in its procedures, high service standards and practices in the area of ​​loss forecasting.

Today, its corporate in the USA analyzes Mexico as a special case in relation to self-monitoring for the savings achieved and proposes to replicate it in the other countries where it has a presence, SoftGuard is undoubtedly the flag of that evolution and that aims to be a standard Worldwide for Costco’s security.

We thank COSTCO that, at the hands of GSA Consulting, our distributor in Mexico, we chose and trusted us.