We stop the virus together.

This is a difficult time, let’s take care of each other, our families and the team around us.

In the face of the advance of Coronavirus, and in order to collaborate with the health care and isolation requested by the authorities, we inform you that SoftGuard will continue to support you and bring you closer to the different ways of request for emergency assistance or incidents that may be presented on their SoftGuard platform.

Access to the support portal Monday to Friday policy business hours from 9 to 17 (U.S.A. East Coast time zone)

Access to the emergency portal after business hours of the support policy.

In order to provide you with an agile service and response, we only require you to enter our website https://monitoringsoft.com/support/
Have your registered alias and the license number of your SoftGuard platform (in the case of full 24/7 support policies you must have the access key intended for this purpose).

SoftGuard reminds you that being a web platform, it is operated from a browser and operators do not need to be physically in the monitoring center.
SoftGuard Web Desktop, is suitable so that you can continue uninterrupted with the monitoring service and that your operators do not have to mobilize to the central, collaborating to prevent the spread of COVID-19.