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SoftGuard embarked on its journey over 20 years ago as a comprehensive alarm monitoring software.

Renowned for its high level of technological integration, our platform enables organizations to centralize all their security services into a single solution: from intrusion alarms to cameras, access control, and GPS devices.

However, we believe true security goes beyond protecting physical spaces. It’s about prioritizing people and their well-being. That’s why we have developed mobile apps that place individuals at the heart of monitoring operations.

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Suite of Modules

Are you looking for a comprehensive monitoring platform that covers all your security needs?

Are you tired of managing multiple systems and applications?

Do you want to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving security industry?

Our all-in-one, modular platform allows you to effortlessly monitor alarms, GPS, cameras, guards, and more from a single, user-friendly interface.

Web Monitoring

Take control of alarm event management with our central hub. Experience a streamlined interface that allows operators to effortlessly receive, process, and manage all incoming events.

Video Verification

Integrate real-time video and audio during alarm events for improved situational awareness and rapid response. Enhance your monitoring center’s effectiveness and minimize false alarms. 


Keep users protected 24/7, no matter where they are. Our highly-customizable mobile app ensures safety and security on the go.


Control your guards’ patrols in real-time. Track attendance, receive detailed reports with photos, videos, audio, and precise location to optimize security operations.


Keep track of a variety of GPS devices, from cars and trucks to pets and beyond. Gain real-time visibility with accurate location updates, access historic position reports, set up geofences for instant alerts, and manage fleets efficiently.

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Redefining Personal Security

Our Expertise

Our software solutions cater to the unique needs of…

Security companies
Banking and financial entities
Educational institutions
Gated communities

Welcome to the Future of Monitoring

ULTRA by SoftGuard is our all-inclusive platform available through a subscription model, granting you unlimited access to modules, accounts, and mobile apps, backed by 24/7 technical support.

Unlock endless possibilities with ULTRA, a platform that evolves alongside your business, adapts to your specific challenges, and supports your expansion goals.

Try our system in action

Discover the full power of SoftGuard and take your organization’s security to another level.

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