Real-Time Tracking of Cleaning and Maintenance Personnel

Tired of juggling job schedules, paperwork, and field staff organization in your service business? 

CleanApp enables comprehensive monitoring and auditing of cleaning activities, ensuring effective control of human resources. It provides accurate location reports through GPS, immediate alerts in case of emergencies, incident reporting during the workday, and the ability to send images, videos, and audio, ensuring round-the-clock supervision.


Enables users to report emergencies with precise location, accompanied by images, videos, or audio.


Employees can send arrival or departure notifications as they complete designated areas, eliminating the need for paper-based sign-offs.


This button is activated randomly to confirm the employee's presence. If the alarm is not deactivated within the expected timeframe, an alert will be sent to the supervisor.


Facilitates the direct transmission of important events encountered throughout the workday, including images, audio recordings, and written messages.


Supervisors can assign employees to respond to specific locations or requests.


Customize the background design with your brand's logo and colors, creating a cohesive and modern corporate image.

Photo Verification

CleanApp captures a photo with the user’s front camera during login for precise identification and generates reports based on login and logout timestamps for efficient hour tracking.

My Reports

Improve overall communication and streamline operations with a customizable set of buttons tailored to your company’s needs.

Each button can be personalized with its own icon and name, allowing for specific actions such as requesting supplies or reporting customer complaints.

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