Permanent monitoring of cleaning and maintenance staff


You can control staff journeys in real time

System for staff route control

This powerful tool performs full control and audit of employee action: position report validated via GPS, sending live man alerts, report of incidents displayed during the tour, sending captured images from the smartphone. All this and much more received online at the 24/7 monitoring center, the 365 days a year.

CleanApp is a multi-link application that ensures that alerts are sent in diferent ways. The most up to date is the TCP-IP route, either by Wi-Fi or by cellular data network (GPRS); or by SMS when the data network is unavailable. It consists of a desktop module and the applications that are installed on the smartphones.

The mobile app has 6 main buttons:

Emergency: Allows sending panic events including position data and the ability to attach an image, video or voice note

Tour: Allows the employee to send an arrival and/or departure notice each time they arrive or leave a specific location, as well as when they pass through each checkpoint defined for the round. The event will be accom- panied with date, time and position on map and can be executed manually via GPS, QR code, NFC, or Bluetooth.

Presence: Is a presence control. It consists of a button that will be activated randomly to be pressed to cancel the sending of the alarm. If it is not cancelled in the expected time, an alert will be generated at the monitoring center.

Comments: Allows the sending of relevant information or events displayed during the tour directly to the monitoring center. It can be complemented with images, audio, video, text notes, and even reading QR coder or NFC tags.

Rererrals: Allows you to assign an employee to go to a fixed or mobile point from where a request for assistance has been received. Once in place, you can mark the arrival and send photos, videos or audios to the monitoring center.

You can customize the background design with your brand logo, giving a more uniform and technological corporate image, according to the times that run.

The Cleanapp Desktop Web module for smartphone management and signal processing, which is installed in the monitoring center

Outstanding features

Photo Registration: Requests a photo of the employee’s face at login. In this way you can control whether the employee is actually in your workplace. You can also report hours worked based on login and logout.

SOS / Panic alert

Send SOS / Panic alert with progressive time lapse for cancellation.

Customizable buttons

Customizable buttons according to your company’s requirements: Aimed at improving general communication between their staff, request for supplies, maintenance request, etc.


The manager or supervisor will be able to assemble the tour in person through their application, which will allow you to have more control over the time it will take the employee to reach each of the checkpoints. Once the round is created, it is sent to the monitoring center. Geofences such as checkpoints: from the creation of virtual fences within the map, the system will be able to detect the presence of the employee at each checkpoint and report their arrival or departure automatically without the need for interaction with the smartphone.

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