Retail and corporate sectors

Many companies across different industries have chosen to move away from outsourcing monitoring services and instead implement their own in-house monitoring center.

In response to this growing demand, SoftGuard has developed a comprehensive system specifically designed to meet their needs, providing a centralized and auditable solution.

As a result, retail chains, shopping malls, as well as companies in telecommunications, insurance, logistics, oil and gas, automotive, construction, healthcare, and other sectors have embraced SoftGuard.

SoftGuard helps enterprises automate security monitoring, ensuring the protection of their branches, offices, warehouses, vehicles, employees, executives, and their families.

Centralized Alarm Management

Intrusion alarms

For branches, administrative offices, and warehouses

Video verification

Integrate cameras for enhanced situational awareness

Access control

Manage access to restricted areas within your premises

GPS devices

Monitor your fleet of vehicles (technicians, delivery personnel, sales team)

Perimeter protection

Secure plants and industrial facilities with electric fences

Security guards

Audit guards’ actions and assign them to specific alarm events


Empower your staff to report incidents instantly from their smartphones

Alarm events

Efficiently receive and manage all events in a centralized and organized manner.


Smartphones offer tremendous possibilities as personal security devices, providing advanced features to bolster the safety of executives, employees, and customers.

Through the SmartPanics app, alerts can be instantly transmitted to the central monitoring center using Wi-Fi, cellular data, or SMS. These alarm events are promptly received by operators, enabling immediate response and ensuring safety within corporate settings.


  • Track and validate security guards’ actions with GPS-based position reports.
  • Receive SOS, man down alerts, and incident reports in real-time with images, audio, and video.
  • Take control of patrol rounds and receive notifications if they are not completed on time, ensuring the integrity of security protocols.
  • Stay connected with the security personnel around the clock receiving events via Wi-Fi, cellular data, or SMS.

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