Real-time Tracking of Guards and Patrols

Main Features


Instant help at the touch of a button, equipped with location sharing and the capability to attach images, videos, and voice recordings for quick and effective response.

Patrol Rounds

Security guards can send an arrival or departure notification each time they reach or leave their assigned post, as well as when they pass through designated checkpoints along the patrol route.


Operators can dispatch a security guard to respond to an alarm event. Once on-site, guards can send photos, videos, or audio recordings to the monitoring center.

Man Alive

Presence control mechanism randomly activated at certain intervals. If the button is not pressed within the specified time, an alert is automatically generated.


Enables guards to send updates and important information to the monitoring center.


Customize the app background design with your logo and colors, creating a cohesive and professional image for your organization.

Photo Verification

VigiControl captures a photo with the front camera during login for precise identification.

Ensure presence and generate accurate reports based on login and logout timestamps for efficient hour tracking.

My Reports

A versatile set of customizable buttons to enhance communication and streamline operations according to your company’s needs.

Guards can use them to report visitor or package arrivals, request support, report damaged fences… the possibilities are endless!

Patrol Control System

Supervisors can easily create patrol routes using their mobile apps, ensuring precise control over estimated arrival times at designated checkpoints.

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Bluetooth beacons

Available for Android

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