Purple Code

Safety for Women, Anytime and Anywhere

Purple Code

Prevention against gender-based violence in the hands of every woman

Purple Code bridges the gap between victims of gender-based violence and public institutions.

With this app, women can easily report emergencies and stay in constant communication with the monitoring center.


Technology that saves lives

Over 80% of women do not report acts of abuse or gender-based violence because they lack resources or believe they won’t be heard or protected.

Purple Code empowers women to seek help and support whenever they need it.


Users can report emergencies where their life or physical integrity is in danger.

The operator instantly receives their location for immediate assistance and intervention.


A streamlined communication channel for requesting immediate support, including medical aid, psychological assistance, and other essential services defined by the service provider.

On My Way

Users can ensure safe commutes by setting their estimated time of arrival at their destination, with the app providing periodic location updates.

In the event that the user fails to confirm their arrival, an alert will be triggered to notify both operators and designated contacts.

Arrived Safely

Sends a push notification to the designated group coordinators, indicating that the user has safely arrived at a specific location.

My Group

Women can create groups with their family or social circle.

Group coordinators can locate members on a map and receive notifications if the SOS button is activated.


Group coordinators can set up virtual boundaries and receive notifications when a user enters or leaves predefined locations like home, university, or work.

Integrated System


Purple Code equips women with a set of tools to proactively prevent instances of insecurity or violence. Features like a heat map of nearby events help users avoid potential risks like dangerous or poorly-lit areas.

With advanced information at their fingertips, they can confidently navigate challenging situations and take prompt action.

Crucial Multimedia Evidence

Users can share images, videos, and audio recordings, serving as crucial evidence for the investigation and prosecution of aggressors.

One-Touch Calls

Customizable buttons

Service providers have the flexibility to customize buttons with unique names and icons to cater to additional support needs, fostering coordination among various areas involved in assisting victims.

These buttons can be utilized to report various situations, such as broken streetlights, dangerous areas, suspicious activity, and more.

Discreet shortcuts for emergency situations

App hiding

Makes the smartphone appear turned off after sending an SOS alert, allowing discreet help-seeking without alerting potential aggressors.

Dual camera

Instantly transmits camera feeds to the operator after triggering an alert, eliminating the need for manual photo or video capture.

Ambient sound

Instantly transmits audio to the operator for enhanced situational awareness, without requiring the user’s active involvement.

Widget for quick access

Enables users to send SOS events from their home screens, without opening the app.

Side button

Activates the panic button by pressing the smartphone’s on/off button four times within five seconds, without retrieving unlocking the device. (Only for Android users)

Force touch

Displays a set of quick actions by 3D-touching the app icon on the home screen, without opening the app. (Only for iOS users)

Access PIN

Users can set their own password to open the app, send alarm events, and end alarm events, thus maintaining privacy and control over their safety.

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