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SoftGuard’s comprehensive monitoring platform efficiently manages alarms from various campus locations, including classrooms, offices, auditoriums, libraries, and mobile targets like buses, guards, students, faculty, and staff.

Our system fosters active involvement and collaboration in security matters, strengthening the connection between students and the institution. It allows real-time reporting of incidents and immediate assistance requests, addressing issues such as bullying, harassment, weapon possession, drug-related concerns, violence, abuse of authority, theft, vandalism, and more.

With SoftGuard, educational communities can create a safer environment, empowering individuals to actively participate in campus security.


Smartphones serve as powerful personal security devices, offering extensive capabilities to enhance the protection of students, professors, and staff in various situations.

By using apps, branded with the institution’s logo, alerts can be quickly sent from the smartphones to the monitoring center via Wi-Fi, cellular data network, or SMS. These alerts are promptly received and managed by the operators, ensuring immediate response.

These events include the GPS location, allowing the operator to visualize the exact location on a map. In addition, users can attach photos, videos, and audio, or make one-touch calls to the operator. 

Why bring security to smartphones


Students always carry their smartphones with them and ensure they are charged, making it a reliable and readily available device.


Unlike traditional panic buttons, smartphones require no additional investment by the institution and entail no entry cost for users.


Smartphones provide various communication channels such as Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G, and SMS, ensuring reliable and efficient communication.


Smartphones do not require extra maintenance or technical support from the institution.


Smartphones incorporate new functions and features over time, ensuring that the security system can evolve to meet changing needs and emerging threats.

Easy deployment

Students and staff can simply read a QR code or fill a form on a landing page to activate the app on their smartphones.

Customizable buttons

My Alerts enables the configuration of up to 12 additional buttons. Each institution can change the icon and name according to their needs. The buttons can serve as additional events, or as shortcuts to preset URLs, such as the university’s web campus or user guides.

My Messages

Instant and efficient communication within the campus is now easier than ever. From evacuation protocols, to inscription dates, special activities and security tips, students can stay informed and engaged with the latest campus news through push notifications.


Real-time Tracking of Guards and Patrols

  • Track and validate security guards’ actions with GPS-based position reports.
  • Receive SOS, man down alerts, and incident reports in real-time with images, audio, and video.
  • Take control of patrol rounds and receive notifications if they are not completed on time, ensuring the integrity of security protocols.
  • Stay connected with the campus’ security personnel around the clock receiving events via Wi-Fi, cellular data network, or SMS.

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