Health institutions

In today’s healthcare landscape, providing exceptional care goes beyond medical expertise. It requires a safe and secure environment where doctors and medical professionals can excel, and patients can have peace of mind.

SoftGuard offers comprehensive solutions tailored to health institutions, centralizing all security components on a single platform.

Protecting Every Corner of Your Institution

Our integrated security platform covers all critical areas within hospitals and clinics:

Alarms & Video Verification

  • Patient Rooms
  • Nurse Stations
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratories
  • Administrative Offices
  • Radiology
  • Visitor Areas
  • Corridors

Ambulance Tracking

Through GPS devices installed on your ambulances, you can gain real-time location capabilities, with geofences, points of interest, and remote commands.

Receive alerts in case of detours, and optimize route planning for prompt response times.

Personal Safety at Your Fingertips

While physical security systems protect spaces and facilities, we go beyond. SoftGuard offers fully customizable apps for personal safety:

  • For Doctors: Connected and secure within the facility.
  • For Patients: Easy access to assistance and communication with medical staff.
  • For Ambulance Drivers: report incidents to the monitoring center, enhancing their safety on the road. 


Keep track of your cleaning and maintenance staff with digital, auditable information:

  • Emergency reporting
  • Task completion
  • Worked hours reports
  • Assignments
  • Reports with multimedia
  • Presence control


Track and validate guard actions with GPS-based position reports. Receive SOS, man down alerts, and incident reports in real-time including images, audio, and video. Stay connected with your security personnel around the clock receiving events via Wi-Fi, cellular data network, or SMS.

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