It is necessary to be alert…
SoftGuard support is at your disposal

Your Softguard system has a warranty and support from monday to friday during business hours and free updates for a year since the purchase date.

Due to the importance of having a contingency plan in case of an emergency, we are at your disposal to help you to create your own plan. We must be prepared; we shouldn’t think “this will not happen to me”. You should have at your disposal all the information you require to know how to proceed in the event of an emergency in your monitoring central system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your Annual SoftGuard support plan should always be active; with your customer number and password you are able to access tickets and chat with our Support Department online.

How do we proceed?

The procedures to carry out at the central station in case certain circumstances occur are very different if they are aimed at stations with software installed in one machine or in several network terminals (besides the server). If you have not determined your procedures, you should contact our Support Department to develop an appropriate procedure according to your specific structure.

Support and updates plans

Service options:
ULTRA PLAN – VIP attention 24/7 the 365 days of the year.
Annual plan 24/7 the 365 days of the year
Business hours plan, monday to friday*
*Available only for 200 active accounts or with a monthly cost per account above 1
Moreover, our firm belief is that in order to have a healthy and efficient system, it is necessary to have a permanent maintenance cycle. Therefore, we also emphasize the importance of having the SoftGuard system updated to its latest version not only because of the new applications that are added in each launch, but also due to the impossibility to provide ser

To solve this we have available:

Continuous annual update:

You will be able to get ALL the updated versions that may arise for 12 months after the purchase date.

Additional services:

  • Servers hardware review
  • Installation and verification of SQL database
  • Installation of third party programs
  • Verification and removal of viruses / malware / ransomware
  • Network / Router Reset and Settings
  • Windows firewall programming
  • Database maintenance (debugging / reduction)
  • Database recovery for third-party Windows damage