Mobile App for Personal Safety

SmartPanics empowers users to report incidents easily and quickly through their smartphones.

Main Features

My Alarms

Emergency report

  • Panic
  • Fire
  • Medical Assistance

On My Way – Safety On the Go

Start your journey by defining the estimated time of arrival at your destination. In case you fail to confirm your arrival before the countdown ends, an alarm will be triggered to activate the emergency protocol.

Here I Am

This button reports the user’s exact location on the map, notifying the group’s administrators through a push message. A teenager can use it to inform their parents when they arrive at a friend’s house, or a salesperson can notify their arrival at a customer’s location.

Multimedia Evidence

Voice messages
One-touch calls
Text messages

My Accounts

Users gain access to all their accounts, including alarm panel information, contacts, users, zones, opening schedules, calls, event history, notifications, and even remote commands.

My Vehicles

This tab displays cars, pets, or entire fleets on a live map, including key information such as events, historical locations, license plates, and photos.


My Group

Enables users to stay connected by creating groups for families, teams, and social circles. Easily track members on a map, receive instant SOS alerts, and set geofence and speed limit notifications for added safety and peace of mind.

My Cameras

Users can view their cameras in real time whenever they need it.

My Messages

Instant and efficient communication system. From alarm events, to security tips, promotions and more, providers can keep their user community informed and engaged through push notifications.

My Alerts

All providers will be able to tailor the color, icon, and name of 12 additional buttons, either to use them as extra alarm events or as shortcuts to URLs (landing pages, user guides, service agreements).

Flexible Registration Options

Landing page
QR code
Suggest client
Early registration
Database import

Bluetooth Button

Designed for sending alerts quickly and discreetly, even when the smartphone is out of reach or tucked away in your pocket.

It can be attached to keychains or necklaces, offering extra convenience for seniors or children.


  • Quick and stable link
  • Bluetooth LE
  • 18/24-month battery life
  • Customizable graphics
  • Up to 30 meters away from the phone
  • Touch-sensitive
  • Robust and splash-resistant
  • Soft-touch silicone

Available on Android and iOS

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