Comprehensive Management of Technicians and Installers​

Why Choose TecGuard?

Efficient service management:

TecGuard allows technicians to efficiently manage new installations, preventive maintenance, and corrective services. They can access service information, and account details, and easily record their work.

Enhanced auditing  capabilities: 

TecGuard serves as a powerful tool for auditing technical staff. It validates their location through GPS tracking and generates detailed reports on all their tasks.

Streamlined communication: 

The app facilitates communication between technicians and the company, ensuring quick updates and real-time collaboration.

Improved accountability: 

With TecGuard, companies can ensure compliance with their customers by tracking progress, monitoring service quality, and maintaining a transparent record of technical services.

Service order management
Task assignment
Access to customer information
Change of account status to test mode
Real-time location
Arrival and departure notifications
Digital signature for work compliance

Technical Services

Technicians can view their assigned tasks. 


Technicians can access relevant account information, such as address, contacts, zones, status, and events history. The level of access can be determined by the user’s profile settings.


Armed, disarmed, test mode, test per zone, and request deletion. Technicians can change the status to “test” to avoid generating false alarms.

Event History

Real-time event visualization during tests eliminates calls to the monitoring center.

Available for Android and iOS

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