Citizen-Centric Security Solution

SoftGuard CitySafe enables the implementation of effective public policies for prevention and security.

Strengthen the bond between your government and the citizens by putting security in the hands of every individual.

Gender Violence

Purple Code empowers women to send alerts with a simple press of a button. By connecting women to the monitoring center at all times and places, Purple Code provides continuous support and assistance.

Alerts sent through smartphones are swiftly received at the municipality’s monitoring center via Wi-Fi, cellular data network, or SMS. These alerts include crucial information like GPS location, images, videos, and audio, providing vital evidence of the emergency. 

School Corridors

Establish a secure route for the entire educational community. Our mobile apps foster collaboration among government entities, students, teachers, local businesses, neighbors, students’ families, and the wider community. This approach ensures that all key players around the school actively participate in creating a safe environment and promoting the well-being of everyone involved.

Highlighted Features

My Alarms:

  • SOS
  • Fire
  • Medical emergency
  • “On my way” for secure commuting
  • Alarm events with GPS location, images, videos, and audio
  • One-touch calls to the monitoring center


Useful when:

  • Citizen’s personal security is at risk (theft, intruders, kidnapping)
  • Citizen witnesses a third party during a critical situation
  • Citizen has been involved in a car accident
  • Citizen is passing through a dangerous area

My Alerts

Municipalities can tailor the names, icons, and functions of 12 additional buttons according to their needs. These buttons can be assigned to trigger alarm events or redirect users to URLs.

This feature allows for a wide range of applications, such as reporting broken streetlights, disturbances, lost pets, waste on public roads, drug-related concerns, suspicious activities, and abandoned vehicles. Additionally, website shortcuts can provide quick access to surveys and user guides for the app.

This versatility allows municipalities to address various needs and streamline communication with their community.

My Messages

Ensure efficient communication with the user community through push messages and keep everyone informed about weather alerts, health campaigns, preventive measures, security tips, street closures, tax collection, and more.

Community Alarms

Our platform integrates with community alarms strategically placed throughout the neighborhood and shared by neighbors. With a wireless remote control, each neighbor can easily activate the alarms when needed. This event is received and managed through the SoftGuard CitySafe platform.

Municipalities and City Councils Who Choose Us

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