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SoftGuard’s comprehensive alarm monitoring software empowers security companies to be leaders in the industry.

Our platform equips you with the tools to deliver enhanced services to your clients and stay ahead in the security business. Our philosophy centers around four key pillars: scalability, differentiation, cost savings, and the potential for passive income multiplication.

Key features

Single login

Alarm Monitoring

  • Simultaneous events management
  • Pending and waiting events tabs
  • Automatic calls via VoIP
  • Creation of technical services during event management
  • Multiple or single event processing
  • Automatic programmable tests with failure warning
  • Intelligent false alarm control with operator warning
  • Post-installation test mode by account, zone or event type
  • Handy instructions for event management
  • Receives events from serial ports (telephone and radio receivers)
  • Recognizes all communication protocols in the market (Contact ID, 4+2, SIA, ADEMCO Fast/Expanded, Radionics Modem II/lie, among others)
  • Supports telephone, radio, cellular, IP, and other receivers
  • Compatible with receivers from all manufacturers in the market
  • Application in charge of the direct reception of events coming from the Internet, IP and GPRS communicators.

Summarises all incoming and outgoing notifications:

    • SmartMail: e-mail notifications by event type
    • Events received by SMS
    • Email Campaigns from CRM Sales and Promotion Module
    • Instant Messaging Between Users: Operators, Supervisors, Administrators, Dealers, Corporate Clients, and Authorities

Enables you to access external sites within the Desktop Web platform. With this functionality, operators can easily view a table of links, such as webmail or other web applications, without the need to switch between tabs or leave the monitoring system.

In charge of sending text messages to customers and receiving alarm signals via SMS.

Create users, assign and control user permissions, and manage all tables and system configurations according to your specific needs.

Operators and customer service staff can efficiently add, modify, and delete accounts to maintain accurate and up-to-date information. From managing account status and self-monitoring settings to handling documents, users, contacts, zones, partitions, notes, logbook entries, schedules, alarm panels, and false alarm control, the Account Administrator module puts you in complete control.

Visualize the location of accounts, vehicles, guards, cameras, and more. Visualize alarm events and assign the closest mobile unit available with just one click.

It serves as the system’s internal clock, ensuring precise time control for various routine tasks and functions, such as tests, activations and deactivations, and other time-dependent actions.

  • Serves as a general screen of coordination between operators or secondary screen
  • Verbal announcements of configured events
  • Visualizes all events with assignable filters

Additional Modules

Enhance your monitoring center’s effectiveness and minimize false alarms by integrating NVR/DVR, IPCameras and PIRCams during alarm events.

Generate service requests seamlessly from multiple departments, schedule preventive periodic service routines, assign technicians, vehicles, and materials. Track the real-time status of every service request and evaluate productivity.

Monitor and audit operator performance during event management by recording all conversations between operators and clients. This module helps you ensure quality control and establish a comprehensive communication history.

Keep track of a variety of GPS devices, from cars and trucks to pets and beyond. Gain real-time visibility with accurate location updates, access historic position reports, set up geofences for instant alerts, and manage fleets efficiently.

Keep your clients informed and in control. From accessing their accounts information, alarm system status, and zones to the latest alarm events, this comprehensive solution let’s you stay connected and build lasting relationships with your clients.

Unlock new business opportunities and expand your monitoring services with the Dealer Web Access module for wholesale monitoring. Whether they are installers, integrators, gated communities, schools, or retail chains, with this module, you have full control over creating and managing dealers, granting them specific permissions and restrictions to your SoftGuard platform.

Maintain a secure and well-organized environment while providing convenience and peace of mind to residents, employees, and visitors. Manage guests, deliveries, services, and group meetings within each functional unit or apartment.

Manage and visualize the status of electric fences on an interactive map. Detect and address any faults in your fences easily. Stay informed about activations, alarms, power failures, panel status (open/closed), and other critical events.

Build targeted marketing campaigns, effectively follow up on leads, and manage quotations, price lists, offers, mailing, and more. Track customer interactions, meetings and activities, ensuring you never miss a crucial opportunity.

It simplifies your financial operations by providing a comprehensive solution for managing client contracts, generating receipts, tracking account status, creating quotations, handling billing, facilitating collections, and maintaining clear transaction records for your clients.

Conduct a comprehensive online audit, analyze performance, and gain valuable insights into your operations. Through a range of statistical graphics, you will be able to access valuable data, make informed decisions, and drive continuous improvement.

Forward alarm events to the relevant authorities or secondary monitoring centers swiftly and accurately. Enhance collaboration with external entities, while staying in control of every action performed by remote operators as all activities are meticulously recorded for future review.

Our Mobile Apps


Don’t settle for traditional alarm monitoring services. In a competitive security industry, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself.

With SmartPanics, you can extend your security service beyond boundaries and put individuals at the center stage.

Panic buttons, safe commuting, remote commands, live cameras, family safety, and much more! Centralize all your clients’ security needs in one app.


Track and validate guard actions with GPS-based position reports. Receive SOS, man down alerts, and incident reports in real-time including images, audio, and video. Stay connected with your security personnel around the clock receiving events via Wi-Fi, cellular data network, or SMS.

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