Access Control and Visitor Management with SmartPanics

SoftGuard introduces a seamless solution for access control by integrating it with the SmartPanics App. Experience the convenience of monitored access control as it simplifies the process of approving or denying entry based on predefined security parameters.

With the new access control module, managing guests, deliveries, and services becomes effortless. SmartPanics users can easily generate invitations for guests, authorize service providers, schedule deliveries, or arrange group meetings at their premises. Invited or authorized individuals will receive access invitations with a QR code via WhatsApp, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience.

When an invited person arrives at the access portico, the security guard can easily validate the invitation against the registered system, granting them access to the designated area. This streamlined approach ensures secure and efficient entry for authorized individuals.

Discover the comfort and reliability of monitored access control with SoftGuard and the SmartPanics App. For more information, contact our sales team at

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