Boost Productivity with CleanApp: The Game-Changer for Cleaning Services

In the world of cleaning services, effective monitoring and communication are crucial for maintaining efficiency and productivity. That’s why at SoftGuard, we developed CleanApp, the groundbreaking solution that transforms the way you track and communicate with your cleaning and maintenance personnel.

With CleanApp, monitoring becomes effortless as you gain real-time visibility into the whereabouts of your staff. Stay informed with arrival and departure notices, ensuring seamless coordination of tasks at various locations.

CleanApp goes beyond location tracking. It empowers you to streamline communication with your staff through customizable buttons designed to meet your company’s specific requirements. Enhance overall communication, simplify supply requests, and effortlessly manage maintenance orders—all within the convenience of a single application.

CleanApp also enables seamless information sharing between the field and the monitoring center. Staff can easily enter comments, images, videos, and other relevant events encountered during the cleaning or maintenance tour. 

Say goodbye to disorganized operations and complicated management. CleanApp revolutionizes janitorial monitoring, allowing you to maintain order and boost productivity.

CleanApp isn’t just limited to cleaning companies. Even if you operate in a different industry, CleanApp presents an exciting opportunity for you. By offering CleanApp as a service to your customers, you can tap into a recurring additional income stream. 

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