New Temperature Control Feature: SoftGuard Partners with SmartPath

We are thrilled to share the news of our successful integration with SmartPath, marking another milestone in our journey.

With the SmartPath FRIGO M1 plates, SoftGuard users now have access to even more monitoring capabilities. These plates enable precise temperature measurements and the ability to set control mechanisms. In the event that the temperature exceeds or falls below the defined range, the SoftGuard platform promptly generates alarms, ensuring timely response and resolution.

Moreover, the integration of SmartPath FRIGO M1 plates also extends the monitoring capabilities to electrical activity within the site. Users can now detect total power failures or specific phase disruptions, providing valuable insights into the overall electrical system’s health and resilience.

To further enhance control and management, end users can now send commands from the SmartPanics App to activate or deactivate relays within the FRIGO M1 system. This level of control empowers users with remote management capabilities, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

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