SoftGuard Integrates Wildix for Seamless Call Management

SoftGuard is pleased to announce its latest integration with Wildix, a cloud-based Unified Communications solution. 

With this integration, operators can initiate one-touch calls to clients from the Web Monitoring module using Wildix, ensuring quick and effortless communication. Additionally, the integration includes the activation of a chat feature, enabling clients to establish real-time communication with the monitoring center at any given time. This instant communication channel strengthens connectivity and enables prompt responses when it matters most.

Furthermore, Wildix compatibility extends to SoftGuard’s Logger module, which enables the recording of telephone calls. All calls made from the Wildix platform are automatically recorded in the Logger module, providing concrete evidence of conversations and facilitating daily monitoring operations.

Experience the power of enhanced communication and collaboration with SoftGuard’s integration with Wildix. Unlock streamlined communication channels, bolster efficiency, and enjoy comprehensive call recording capabilities within the SoftGuard system.

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