Strengthening Security: SoftGuard and Dahua's Growing Alliance

In a recent meeting between our CEO, Daniel Banda, and Juan Pablo Coletti, Director of Global Strategy for Partners, along with Franky Su, General Manager at Dahua Technologies, exciting technological integrations in the security industry were discussed. For several years, SoftGuard has integrated Dahua equipment to provide users with cutting-edge technology for enhanced security solutions.

The Dahua-SoftGuard integration aims to expand services for security companies, empowering them to offer a wider range of solutions to their clients. For over five years, users of this system have benefited from receiving alarm events with video verification. Now, with additional integrations, the services for security companies and their clients are set to expand even further.

The meeting highlighted various Dahua devices approved within the SoftGuard suite, featuring different levels of integration based on the technological tools utilized. Notable integrations include Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) for live camera display with ambient audio, SDK for enhanced event attention tools and functions, and P2P cloud service integration for streamlined equipment installation and configuration.

Moreover, Dahua cameras can be effortlessly viewed in the SoftGuard SmartPanics App, providing users with live feeds, multiple camera views, and the convenience of capturing snapshots locally on their phones. Our dedicated technical team continues to work diligently, continuously developing new functionalities to further enhance the strengths of our security solutions.

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