Celebrating 10 Years of SmartPanics: A Decade of Innovation in Personal Security

In the fast-paced, technological world we live in, personal safety has become an increasingly top priority. Having tools that enable us to respond quickly in emergency situations is crucial.

A decade ago, SoftGuard introduced something that few understood and many regarded with skepticism. An app for human monitoring? What for? How? Who to offer it to? Many questions and few certainties, much like when disruptive businesses emerge to change the rules of the game—Netflix, Uber, sound familiar?

This year, SmartPanics celebrates its tenth anniversary, marking a decade of significant advancements.

The Beginning of a Revolution

Developed in 2013, the concept of SmartPanics originated in a context where mobile technology was booming, and there was a desire to use it to enhance people’s safety and well-being. The vision was clear: to provide people with an accessible and easy-to-use security solution. SoftGuard embarked on its journey with the ambition to revolutionize how people protect themselves and feel secure in their environment.

Innovative Technology for Personal Security

Over these ten years, SmartPanics has been at the forefront of personal security technology. We have developed a mobile application that allows users to alert the monitoring center of emergency situations.

Each year, SoftGuard sets a new standard for security and monitoring, and with a decade of experience, we introduce: new features, a new user interface, and many upgrades that we have been working on to continue enhancing our application every day.

Impact on Society

Throughout these ten years, SmartPanics has made a significant impact on society. It has helped countless individuals feel safer and more protected in their daily lives. The speed and efficiency with which help can be requested through the application have proven to save lives and provide crucial assistance in times of need.

In addition to assisting individuals, SmartPanics has collaborated with organizations and communities to implement personal security solutions on a larger scale, thus contributing to collective security and the peace of mind of everyone.

The Future of SmartPanics

The dots connect backward, explaining the present success and the commitment made to the future. At SoftGuard, we will continue to innovate and improve our products to offer even more effective solutions that adapt to the changing needs of society.

We invite you to watch the SmartPanics relaunch event here

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