Exploring New Frontiers at ISC West 2024 Las Vegas

The vibrant Las Vegas scene was further energized during ISC West 2024, where SoftGuard had the honor of recognizing Everspring as a valued technology partner.

ISC West 2024 brought together the leading players in the security industry to share innovative ideas, showcase the latest technologies, and explore new collaboration opportunities. Amidst impressive exhibits and live demonstrations, the atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation for the future of security.

At the event, we proudly introduced our recent integration with Everspring, known for its cutting-edge alarm systems that combine IoT and video surveillance. This collaboration shows our commitment to delivering adaptive security solutions.

Beyond technological integration, we’re also thrilled to launch our Rewards Program alongside Everspring, an initiative rewarding companies that acquire VIAS systems with points redeemable for discounts on ULTRA subscriptions and renewals.

At ISC West 2024, Jazmin Tung and Marte Chu from Everspring joined Daniel Banda and Gianna Martinoli from SoftGuard to celebrate this exciting milestone. This alliance promises to continue providing innovative security solutions to our customers.

The future of security is here, and together, we’re ready to lead the way!

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