Hikvision and SoftGuard Join Forces to Boost the Security Market

We recently welcomed a delegation from Hikvision, including Keen Yao, Vice President of the International Business Center, León Fu, Technical Support Engineer, Emiliano Mobrici, Technical Manager, and José García, General Manager.

The meeting, held on June 22, 2023, laid the groundwork for future strategic agreements that will drive growth and strengthen the service offerings of both companies.

During the meeting, discussions also revolved around various marketing and communication initiatives that have taken place between Hikvision technology and SoftGuard’s comprehensive monitoring software. Among them, their joint participation in both physical and virtual events stood out.

Gianna Martinoli, Regional Sales Manager at SoftGuard, mentioned that the meeting emphasized the Hikvision Benefits Club, reviewed the recent launch event in Buenos Aires, and discussed the program’s high potential for replication throughout Latin America and Spain.

Both parties expressed strong interest in collaborating on joint projects. Possible areas of cooperation include the implementation and integration of state-of-the-art video surveillance technology. These initiatives promise to deliver greater efficiency, accuracy, and security in the field of safety.

Furthermore, during the meeting, Daniel Banda, CEO of SoftGuard, highlighted Hikvision’s ability to tailor solutions to each customer’s specific needs.

With this alliance, both companies aim to enhance customer loyalty and expand their business offerings in the electronic security market.

Hikvision and SoftGuard have agreed to strengthen their ties and explore joint opportunities in the realm of security and technology. The team is currently assessing the topics discussed and evaluating the feasibility of future joint projects.

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